Hello lovelies,

So around a week ago i put myself on a spending ban, it had to be done after spending stupid amounts on erm how can i put it.. Crap. Yeah thats right just things that i didnt need. Moving on last sunday i felt the need to pop in to our towns very small super drug and you know when you get that urge to just buy a few bits and pieces that you 'need'. Well thats what i did, now seriously need to nuckle down with this saving lark!

Anyways i will go in to what i purchased :)
2 Nail polishs-Bronzer-Cream blush-All MUA

L-R Large original batiste-Superdrug coconut oil-Hand Sanitiser

Close ups below and colour descriptions

MUA cream blush in Bitersweet

MUA nail polish Frozen Yoghurt & Koala Bear

MUA bronzer shade 2

I have been using these products since i purchased them and have found some really affordable little gems. Will be another blog post soon :)

Thanks for reading! and as always please tell me what you think of these products below if you have tried them.



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