I Moustache you a question?

The thing that I'm a bit obsessed over at the minute is Moustaches.. I cant get enough of the little moustache detail that is on near enough every accessory at the moment.. it started with a pair of earrings from River Island and it grew from there. So when i see someone mention Moustache nail stencils i had to google it and find them! Well i succeeded and eventually found them on amazon. Seriously it was like all my Christmas's had come at once when i see them :)

These are my real nails but i have them done with acrylic at my local nail shop because i like them looking long and fake but where my nails grow so quickly (I have no clue why my nails grow so strong and fast but hey I'm not complaining) i either have to get them done every week and a half which is too expensive or paint them myself to tied them over until my next appointment. I get bored easily and I'm not the best at nail art so i thought these stencils take the attention away from the fact my nails need infills (happy days for saving money). The stencils cost me £1.99 which is a bargain when a normal set of infills cost me £19.00!!

Here are my nails with them on :)

They are over Barry M nail paint in Bright pink 279. They are easy to apply however the lasting power is not great but a few coats of top coat does the trick at keeping them on longer. They are such a cheap and easy way of creating a fun and different nail. When i have them on i get so many questions and complements :)

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