Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter Review

Korres Lip Butter- Wild Rose

Okay so as said in my earlier post i am so late in trying these, i never buy a product because of the hype surrounding it (even though the hype makes me feel like i need it ). I always forget to purchase the product and then the hype goes and everyone forgets about it, this is not the case with these. To this day people are still raving about them and i am just about to do the same.

Okay these are like butter they melt on contact with your skin and smooth over your lips leaving them glossy and moist. After a while they sink in leaving them moisturised and plump feeling. They nice thing about these lip balms is that they are tinted. I only have one so cant comment on other colours but i have Wild Rose which is a red berry colour and it has a good amount of pigmentation for a lip balm. I do love this for the day but my only issue is that i need a mirror to apply it as without it is looks like ive been eating a jam doughnut! The scent of these is nice and not too over powering either.
Little Swatch

The other thing i also like about these is that Korres is a 'Natural' brand so this lip balm claims to be formulated with out all the nastyness such as mineral oil and silicone which i dont specifically look for but its always good when a product is more natual rather than synthetic.

Overal i really like the forumaltion of this lip balm and really want to get my hands on the other colours as they will come in handy over the winter months. Next one on my lips is jazmine as its more nude and looks easier to apply.

You can pick these from Feel Unique for £7.00 postage included. Link HERE.

Whats your opinion of these lip butters?

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