Mini Haul & product RAVE

Heya beauties,
So I'm on a 'Spending ban' At the moment as I'm going to London on the 26th of Feb and I'm trying to save up my pennies to go on a big cult item shop! so Ive been trying to save but had the urge to shop (we all get the feeling sometimes eh? You know the one I'm talking about) so i just had to go out and buy somethings.

L-R Burning Soft cotton- Hot cider-Effaclar mat and duo :)

It all started because my skin has been acting up at the moment, im used to having spots but this was something else around my chin was constantly in pain and sore and to be honest i was just getting fed up with waiting for it to pass. So i done some research and come across every ones rave reviews on the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo! (I know i know you've heard it before) I dashed out straight away to get this last Sunday and now its only Thursday and i have seen the biggest improvement with this than i ever have with any other skincare, even my antibiotics!

So in boots at the moment all the La Roche-Posay Effaclar range is 2 for £15.00 at the moment, something i was unaware of when i went to find it. So considering the products are £13 each this is a good bargain :) So while i was there i picked up the Effaclar Mat which is an anti-shine & anti enlarged pore moisturiser as well. Ive been using them both for 5 days now and i must say i know its early days but i am really enjoying using them and my face has dramatically calmed down and now knew spots have appeared! I will definitely do i more in depth review on this in the future and when im in london i hope to buy more from the collection as im really in to skin care at the moment :)

I also popped in to asda and while i was there i pick up 2 of their 'Simply home' Yankee candles which are cheaper than regular Yankee candles! i bought the mini samplers in Hot cider and soft cotton and also i little pink pot to burn them in. I havent decided which one i prefer yet but hot cotton makes my room smell of lovely clean washing and for a £1 each i will definetly be going back to get more!

So im hoping to revamp my skin care routine, Do you have any products you cant live without? Please let me know!

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Thanks for reading :)


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