WOAH long time no speak! Hope you have all been good and Thank you so much to any new followers :) Im back and this time for good!

Im back with a little haul and if you can tell my hair has been crap lately and it needed saving.. Hence the bunch of hair care goodies :P

So my hair is long and bleached not a good combo and it was getting to the stage where i couldn't get a brush through it with out it getting tangled so i popped off to boots to buy some detangler and came out a few other purchases.. Oops

Mark Hill- NO KNOTS £5.49
Wanted a detangler and found this so thought i would give it a go, First impressions is that it leaves a residue on the hair.. Not sure how i feel about it just yet.

Umberto Giannini - Back Combe in a Bottle £5.61
Used to love this stuff but now not so sure but still going to give it a good test on my next night out.

Umberto Giannini- Morning after dry shampoo £5.61
Good dry shampoo nothing beats batiste in my eyes for value for money but till a good item to have and does the job.

L'oreal Elvive- Conditioning Repairing Spray £4.99
I used this years ago so thought i would repurchase while it was on offer. Still as good as ever and when wearing your hair curly it is nice to use to refresh your curls. There is something about this and the next 2 products that is making my hair feel AMAZING but will have to test further to see if it is one product in particular or all three together.

Organix Renewing Argan oil of morocco- Penetrating Oil £6.00 (This brand is currently 2 for £10 in Tesco until 24/2/14)
First time i have ever used a product from this brand and must say i am loving this oil. Makes my hair look nourished and healthy even though it is far from it. Really impressed so far so will definitely be purchasing more products.

Mark Hill - MiracOILicious 2 minute intensive treatment £8.99
Very thick and even though i thought it was expensive at first because it is in a tiny pot a little goes a long way. Can feel the difference after using this. So far I'm impressed :)

No 7 - Beautiful skin face wipes £7.00
Grabbed these because i had a No 7 voucher so they worked out to be only £2. Always worth having a pack of face wipes lying around even though because of my acne i haven't used face wipes in over 8 months :O Used a few and must say very gentle will definitely be buying more for when I'm in a rush or just need to freshen up.

(Have tried to link the products however some i couldn't find Sorry And sorry for crappy pictures i just can't cope with this horrible lighting AKA WINTER )

Well that concludes my little haul. Will keep you updated on the progress of these products but the first week is a success so far! Any questions or products you want info/Reviews on just let me know :)

Thank you for reading

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