Hello lovelies,

Today I'm bringing you an Acne update. My Acne post seemed to go down well with a few of you unboxing me to say thank you and that it has helped you in some way which i am SO SO pleased about. Acne can seem so trivial but it is definitely a big playing part in self confidence and mental health and not many people know that it IS a medical condition and it CAN be treated. You can catch up on my last post HERE if you missed it :D

Well today I'm brining you an update as i feel a few significant changes have happened since i last posted 3 months ago.

Im still being treated with long term antibiotics at the moment. I went back to my doctor as i had come to the end of the 6 month course of antibiotics and he suggested that i change to a more Acne specific antibiotic 'LYMECYCLINE' as my skin had to the end of the course of 'DOXCYCLINE' started to mildly flare up. However for this change did me no favours and my skin has been reeking havoc on me for a month now and to be honest i found that i was tired and headachy for a good portion of 2 weeks which to me pointed down to these tablets.

This has made me realise that as much as i love having clear skin i also realise that taking tablets affects my whole body. And an artificial substance cant be good for my insides. I trust my doctors judgement however for me Antibiotics will not be a long term 'Thing'.

My next step is to kick this pesky acne without fully relying on tablets (well thats the aim). Im on another 2 month course of Doxycycline and I've told my doctor that with the right diet/excerise and skincare routine can i kick this acne and he has said yes then he can prescribe a cream to keep breakouts at bay. Which for me is more of a long term situation.

Therefore I have decided i am going on a healthy skin diet! Is this a thing? Who knows we will sure find out! Also changing my make up routine and skin care routine and I'm giving myself 2 months to figure out what works! Im open to suggestions so any thing you could recommend will be great! This is a challenge of mine I'm hoping to post once or twice a week when i have changed something in my routine then i will keep you updated to see if this works.. If this something you would be interested in doing with me.. Then comment/message me on twitter and we can help each other!

Thanks for reading and my next post will be soon as I'm off to research some make up and hopefully purchase it in the next few days, I've also just done a lovely healthy shop :D

Thanks for reading this very long winded post!

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