#2 Saving Sundays

So the time has come to share with you the random bargains and saving tips that i have seen over the last month! I hope you can make some use of the bargains i have found :) Enjoy!

'This Merry and Bright palette has been make by stila and is exclusive to ASOS. The details include: Six blendable eyeshadows in neutral hues and a snowflake design, a multi-function highlighter and shimmer lip gloss'


So on a few Youtube videos and blogs over the Christmas period i see everyone raving over the Stila Christmas snowflake pallets that you could pick up from boots. Over on ASOS you can get the 'Merry and Bright' Pallet and lip glaze which would normally cost you £12.50 for £5.00!

So I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Taste cards? Well they entitle you to 2 for 1 meals or 50% off in selected restaurants and normally cost around £50.00 a year. Which if you eat out allot then its totally worth it. But at the moment they are doing a free trial for a month. You fill in your details and they send you your card. Not only can you use them in a wide variety of chains such as pizza express, but if you search up on your area they are also partnered with lots of independent restaurants. definitely worth signing up to :)


Another beauty website i have been obsessed with this month is QVC. They have such a wide variety of brands such as Elemis and Liz Earle everything is normal priced however the do bumper packs and starter kits of certain products and often sell duos of products so in turn you get them cheaper. They sell Liza Earle Cleanse and polish in sets of two and threes so if that product is your holy grain product you can in turn get the product cheaper than buying it separately. Definelty worth cheacking out to see what  they have which may suit you.


How many of us spend abit of money on a hyped up skin care routine then after using it realise that our skin is having a hissy fit and doesnt like the expensive products weve just brought? Well its happened to me more times than i would like to admit!

Its always best to try products before we splurge on them, and counters are some what reluctant to give out samples. I read on a forum a few years back that its worth a try emailing or writing to the company explaining your skin type and that if they could send you samples or if they are not available maybe recommend products that maybe they think would be suitable. At first i thought how cheeky! but after some thought i came to realise its not being cheeky its just being smart as they know their products better than we do.

I have emailed Elemis before now asking what products they think would be suitable for my skin type, and the kind lady sent me a full skin care routine in samples sizes to try and explained why they would be suitable and how to use them!, I wish this was something that all skin care brands would do as after that i purchased a few products as i was impressed with them and i didnt have to waste my money- Win Win! If you email and they say no, Its not the end of the world :)

If you are going to do this or have done this before please let me know how you got on :)

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