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I am girly girl i will grab any chance i can to get dressed up and head out for a nice meal or drinks will the girls. However i always find that however good my night is it is always ruined by my feet hurting due to high heels. Now don't get me wrong i LOVE heels (well wedges ALWAYS wedges) i find that if I'm going out drinking and for a little dance they always ruin my night and i can never find a pair of flats that are comfortable but cute enough. Until i came across these little beauties on twitter.

Im always a fan of finding companies that are just launching, call me crazy but i love that feeling when you are wearing a statement item and people ask questions and they want to know who designed them. Just me. Oh okay then haha.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how freaking cute these are!
And these even more so. Gold. Patent. beige. Ah i can't cope.
About Bonessi-
Bonessi began from a passion and love for comfortable and elegant shoes, specifically ballerina flats. They are a small group of people with a big vision. Their team currently currently consists of 7 people who have been working hard over the past two years to work towards their goal of becoming a well know designer of ballerina flats.
The 3 main objectives that Bonessi work towards are comfort, style and quality. They are designed in London by a group of talented designers. 

Each pair of ballerinas have their own unique name inspired by people who have supported Bonessi growth over the past years. Each of their shoes are made using the highest quality leather. At Bonessi they pay close attention to detail, with carefully crafted designs and embellishments to complete the look. They have taken their time making sure that the quality and designs of their shoes are of the highest quality. 

In Summary: Here is what they have to say about their brand. 
·         Their aim: we want women to feel comfortable whilst wearing elegant designs which ooze sophistication
·         Their focus is on: comfort, design and quality
·         Target audience: luxury high end; young professionals; women who love fashion and shoes; 20+    age range
·         Price range: £100 - £200
·         Materials: High quality leather used in the inner and upper components of the shoes; the outer-sole is made from durable rubber
·        Their leathers: The ballerinas come in various finishes such as polished, suede and patent leathers'
·         Their colours: we have a number of conservative colours suitable for office wear; a variety of bold colours; and a choice of animal prints, e.g. leopard and zebra patterns

Where can i find these shoes? and when will they be available?

They will be sold through their website and a number of independent luxury retailers. Their full stockist details will be provided closer to the launch date. 

Their aim is to launch their first collection of Bonessi Ballerinas in Summer 2013

Follow them on Facebook (Bonessi Ballerinas) and Twitter (Bonessi_B) for more information and updates.

If these sound like a pair of shoes you would be interested in then visit their website (which will be linked HERE. As they are currently running a competition page where you can win a pair of shoes from there first collection. (
I will be revealing my thoughts on this brand in Part 2 of this blog post so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading!

how do you feel about staple shoes?

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