Do you want a quick fix and to get rid of your acne for good? SEE A DOCTOR.

I see so many blog posts and youtube videos with people with an occasional spot stating that its acne and that they helped the spot with such and such product. To be blunt and honest its complete crap. In this post I'm referring to inflammatory acne, the type that blisters and scars your face, shatters your self esteem and is just all round horrid. I hate seeing a youtuber or blogger with no make up and them saying 'Oh my god i can't believe I'm showing you my acne' Which when you look is a tiny pimple. And then they jump on the band wagon and start doing 'Acne skincare routine' videos. Im not saying they don't have spotty skin I'm just saying it could be worse right? IT GRINDS MY GEARS.

Okay i will tell you a bit about my skin. Ive always suffered from minor acne. Nothing to dramatic, just always spotty skin never clear. Every day i would wake up with a new spot. At this point they were never sore to the touch so i wasn't too bothered about them. I wear make up so obviously you can hide them, not a big deal. It wasn't until in the last year or two they started to get progressively worse. To the point where my chin area mainly was always covered in scabby sore pussy spots. They were red and inflamed and would leave my skin scared. Wearing no make up was just a no my face just looked awful. 

Im really in to skin care and always tried new products over the years as much as they may have made the acne better nothing has cured it. I am over weight however call me fat and i will shrug it off. Call me spotty and i will have a break down haha. Acne makes you self conscious and i believed that scrubbing my skin and applying new lotions and potions would work. It didn't. Another thing people will say is change your diet, I may be over weight however i love my salads and fruit and all i mainly drink is water anyway so that was never the cause. 

Everybody will judge and say you need to eat better. That you need to stop wearing make up. That you need to change your skin care. That you will grow out of it. They do not have to deal with it. You don't WANT it on your face. If it was that simple nobody would have acne. 
It got to the point where i would be in work and the spots on my face would start seeping *Gross i know* it was just unpleasant and the pain my face was in was constant and just not nice. I wouldn't wish acne on anyone and mine i would consider mild compared to other people i see. As much as i hated the look of spots all over my face it was the hard ball like lumps on my face which were pain full and made me realise i needed to go to the doctor. Acne is a condition and i honeslty do not believe that skin care alone will completely banish it. 

If you suffer from acne get your self down to your local GP. There are many treatments and medicines available to help with acne depending on the type and the severity. Mine is cystic and it caused by hormones. I was given Antibiotics *Doxycyline 50mg* which is used for bacterial infections. Ive been to the doctors a few times in the last year or so and had a few different creams and these antibiotics however each time i forget to take them or use them and they didn't work. It wasn't until they got so painful an couple of months ago i NEEDED to stick to something which happened to be the tablets and i haven't looked back. 

Everybody will judge and say you need to eat better. That you need to stop wearing make up. That you need to change your skin care. That you will grow out of it. They do not have to deal with it. You don't WANT it on your face. Im sure people think that you have never done anything to change it. 

I changed my skin care routine which will be my next post after this one so i can show you what i have been using thought out the process. My skin has changed dramatically in the last 4 months it is almost clear apart from the scaring and odd pimple every now and again. No pain or nastiness. I have written this post to say that however much skin care you use a simple trip to your doctors may be just what you need. Obviously different skin will require different medications it just worth a shot and some advice.

Now get your bum to the doctors i promise it will be the best thing you will do.. EVER :)

Have you taken medication for Acne before? Let me know :)

Thanks for reading this very long winded post. You can visit ACNE.ORG for more 'Factual' information rather than my ramblings.

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