Busy week! Winter Wonderland, oxford street and covent garden


Christmas tree-Twinkle lights-Pretty Harrods-Yummy hot chocolate
So can you tell I'm abit excited?, I'm feeling very festive this year but majorly behind on buying presents I'm normally so organised but have been to busy working and being excited to get my head around it! Its come round so so so quickly! Are you organised? If you are I'm very jealous! haha

If this doesnt get you in the christmas spirit, What will?
So Ive been busy working but took a day to go shopping in oxford street and go to winter wonderland :) The intention was to go on a major shop and start/finish all my Christmas shopping. Did this happen? Nope of course not! i came home with a massive primark bag (mostly for myself Ooopsy) and a MAC fluid line. Was it a successful Christmas trip? Nope but i had an amazing time anyway so Ive resorted to shopping online and popping to the shops whenever i get a chance even though Ive left it so late Ive got a few main bits now just need Christmas cards, gift wrap and some glitter and ribbons to give it that little special touch! Next year i will not be leaving it this late!!

Im just so excited to give people their presents and wrap them up really cute, to be honest that is my favourite part! Have any of you had the chance to go to winter wonderland in Hyde park yet? if you get the chance i would snap it up, the place is amazing! if your not feeling to festive this year that will defiantly give you a little warm fuzzy feeling about Christmas! well it did me anyway but i am just a little excited child a heart! :) Also just a little heads up to anyone london bound this christmas or anytime of year really, but we went to this amazing little american diner theamed restaurant in covent garden called the Road House from 5-7 its happy hour on cocktails and main meals! food is amazing and so cheap so if you are in the area i would really reccomend it! Ill leave the link HERE, check it out!

Well thats me done, im going to read some blog posts and get in to bed with a nice Hot chocolate!

Have you finished your christmas shopping? and What have you been doing to get yourself in the christmas mood?

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