New year resolutions?

Hello beauties,
I hope you had and amazing Christmas and a good new year :)

I haven't posted lately because i haven't had a laptop but i now have a nice shiny Mac Book to play on and a new year new start so they say and Ive decided that I'm going to put a lot more time and effort in to my little space on the Internet. Every year i make 'New Year Resolutions' and 100 percent of the time i never stick to them, the year flys by and i find myself in the same position that i was in a year ago.. Not necessary a bad one but the SAME is the key word in that sentence and to be fair i am bored of it! Just to clarify this isn't a negative post its actually the opposite this is just the start of a little project I'm going to do, its not a new years resolution its a few steps that i want to take so that in a years time i can look back and think to myself that i have made a few steps to becoming a Better Person (so cliche).

Obviously everyone has their weaknesses and i have a few that I'm fully aware of i just choose to ignore them and brush them under the carpet but this year I'm fighting them head on, they will never be my strongest points as they are apart of me but i just want for my own piece of mind to know that they are improving. Another thing this year is that i would like to learn how to achieve something, just little things such as learning more about blogging, learning how to make the most of this Mac Book and even learning a new skill maybe.. I'm not to sure yet but I'm just going to take this a few steps at a time, I'm writing this post so in week when Ive had a bad day at work i can have a quick read and remind myself what my goal is and maybe when i look back next year i can look back and in my mind if i have taken just one of these things on board in to 2014 i will be happy :)

A few things i would like to achieve this year are..

To be more organised and have better time keeping

To be more confident and opinionated in certain situations when i feel uncomfortable

Trust my own instinct and stand up for myself when i know i am write

Learn something that i know will be a challenge 

Their are plenty of things i can add to this but that's a whole other blog post! I might start writting weekly posts of what im trying to achieve that week and what im doing to get to my goal, but we shall see what the future holds :)

Here's to a happy and safe 2013 :)

If you made it this far through my ramblings Thank you for reading :)

Whats your take on New Years resolutions? and what will you be trying to achieve this year?

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