ALPHA-H gift set?

Hey guys this is a random pointless post just a few updates and finds which i thought i would share while sitting here doing nothing :)

I was browsing through today and see that they are selling Alpha-H gift set which includes the oh so famous 'Liquid gold' (Why do i get so excited by skincare?) they are all travel sizes so thought this would be a really good set for me to try before i buy the full size. Everybody raves about this so i have very high expectations!

Just wondering if anyone has tried this before? or if its something you have wanted to try?

I am really intrigued by this little set so definitely going to purchase one and may also buy one for a future giveaway :) Also if you comment on this post (or any post) and you follow you will be entered into my little KORRES giveaway!

Thanks for reading this pointless post and also if you order from WIMH you can use ABBYLOU5 to get £5.00 off when spending over £15.00 :)

Thanks for reading and hopefully some interesting posts comming soon!

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