Youtube videos???

Hiya guys long time no blog post!

I could sit here and bore you to death with why Ive been MIA but as you know life gets on top of you sometimes and stops you from doing the things you love!! However I'm back and that is all the matters :)

Im going to start taking a different approach to my blog posts and I'm going to live life on the edge and post a Youtube video on here instead of typing my hauls etc :D Ive been watching youtube videos since around 2008?? and i must admit i am an absolute youtube addict... people have their vices and mine is definitely Youtube! Over the years its become my way of relaxing, people watch TV i watch youtube videos i love it! I always wanted to make Youtube videos.. before people started becoming 'Youtube famous' and good luck to them for achieving what they have however when i was younger i never had the confidence to ever do that.. i did upload a short green eye make up look once around 2009 it was up for 5 minutes then i deleted it because i got scared! haha Looking back how it was probably best nobody saw that! :)

Well as Ive got older i now have a 'Whatever' attitude, I'm a laid back person and i really couldn't give 2 hoots what people think of me! I take everything with a pinch of salt and have the attitude that if you do not try something, you never know where it may lead you! So after 5 years of if-ing and but-ing i have decided that I'm going to start making youtube videos to put on here combined with my blog posts! :) Not to sure how this will pan out but will shall see, I had been out shopping the other day got in exhausted sat on my mac and thought to myself 'im going to film a haul' Sat on Imovie recorded it once and it was done! watching it back i look a state and you cant see half of what im showing but ohwel life goes on haha

Do you record youtube videos?? and do you feature them on your blog??

Any feedback would be amazing!!

Thanks for reading my long ramble and you shall see me in my next blog post :D



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