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Hello my lovers!
I just wanted to write a quick post about my FAVOURITE beauty product EVER! (yes i said it... its a big statement i know) and that would be my Amazing Shine eyelashes in number 43. I honestly don't know where to start with these eyelashes because i love them so much i can ramble about them all day but thats not very constructive is it. So will try my best to keep this short and sweet!

I first heard about these eyelashes years ago in a Pixiwoo video and at the time didn't take much notice. While i was in Great Yarmouth last year i happened to recognise the brand from the video so decided to pick a few different styles up.. Well it was love at first application. Some of the styles are very hit and miss but these are the style that i prefer. For £1.99 these are the best eyelashes i have ever used. I was gutted that no shops near me stocked them after a little melt down and a quick google i found a seller on amazon! Pheww.

(please excuse the posey pictures, these are the only clearish pictures of the eyelashes on :)

Full on eyelashes with alot of mascara!

More natural eyes with one coat of mascara

They are a tapered style, made from human hair and when applied look like natural eyelashes. The band they sit on is almost invisible and i like that you do not have to trim them i can take them out the packaging and apply them straight away. You do not get glue with these but i apply them the revlon glue. I love that you can apply them with no eye make up and they still look natural, however if you apply mascara they can look full on. They are so versatile and i can honestly say no other eyelashes compare to these. Obviously everyone else's eye are different so this style may not work for you but if your in the market for a natural fuss free pair of eyelashes that you can vamp up for the evening then for the sake of £1.99 i would definitely give them a try.

I order my in a bulk of around 10-15 pairs from amazon as i hate the thought of running out so like to keep them stocked up in my draw.

What are your fav Eyelashes?

I know this is not the most indepth review however i just needed to get this blog post off my chest and tell the world how much i love them!

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