I thought i would do a quick update to the changes I've been making to improve my skin! As you know I'm on a journey to acne free skin and trying to make various changes to hopefully see the results i want!

Firstly i wanted to start by sorting out my make up! getting rid of any dirt/grime that could be blocking up my pores causing spots with bacteria etc. I started by deep cleaning all my make up brushes and make up cases and anywhere i store my make up. Then every time I've been using my brushes I've been spot cleaning them and deep cleaning every couple of day! 

NEXT i wanted to sort out my foundation base. My skin has been looks crap and clogged up and i new it was the foundation I've been using and not giving my skin enough time to breath! I decided i wanted a change to took my self for a consultation at Bare Minerals to see what they hype was about, As they market them selves as being skin friendly. I must say I AM CONVERTED and i have worn liquid foundation in around 3 weeks!! :O 

No Liquid foundation in 3 weeks thanks to these babies! 
The condition of my skin has improved so much in that 3 weeks its insane. Less black heads, less visible pores and no congestion. Its nowhere near as heavy coverage as my normal routine and took my a few days to get to grips with it but I'm in love and a full in-depth review will be up in the next couple of days. 

Diet wise I've brought a blender to blend some fruit smoothies together to get some extra goodness in my diet. But this is the next step which needs more work. Along with a new skin care routine!

Any suggestions let me know, I'm on the look out for a new skin care system and new tips and tricks to a better diet!

I will keep you updated with my quest to good skin!

Thanks for reading!

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