Naughty me i haven't blogged in a while but i have been wanting to write a blog post but didn't have the mojo to know what to write about! When i received an email asking if i would like to take part in GIFFGAFFS Were All The Boss Campaign i jumped on the chance. 

The idea GIFFGAFF want to portray is that WE are ALL the boss. Why does the word boss have to be associated with one person? We are all capable of being our own boss, making important decisions  and making our own ideas and dreams happen. In their words being the boss is all about taking charge and pushing yourself in to new directions.   

This is a pretty simple idea but an idea that many of us do not live up to. Everyday life is like a competition we see pictures on tumblr and Instagram and wish that we could have a slice of that life. Well why can't we? At the end of the day were all human if we want something we have to take control and go for it! If someone you know has an amazing job but your working part time in a job you hate surely its in YOUR hands to take control and get that job YOU want not anybody else's. What makes them more capable at achieving what they want than you are. 

This campaign has really inspired me. And the stories i have read are amazing. I do not have an amazing life changing story to tell you and in life I'm far from where i want to be. But i do feel in control and from now on i will be the BOSS of my own life. 

 After reading all these inspiring stories I'm in the mind set that if they can do it then why cant I. I know there are certain situations that hold us back which are all down the individuals life and I'm under no illusion that we are on a level playing field because its so unrealistic to think that. I have a mentally ill brother who i care for and life is tough but i have never used that as an excuse. Ive always pushed myself to be a better person and be happy these are personally my main goals in life. Im the boss of achieving these no one else. 

 Everyone has different day to day situations and demons that they have to contend with but you can be your own boss and work your dreams around these situations. Its time to start thinking positive and take the steps to be the person i want to be. 

Hopefully in 6 months time i can't write a follow up post and have some amazing changes to update you with because right now I'm feeling empowered and in control. 

Do you agree that Were All The Boss? And do you have an inspiring story you can share as i would love to read it!

You can read more about GIFFGAFFS amazing campaign HERE.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment!

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