A little Shopping trip :)

So its getting to the end of the month, my payday is friday and believe me.. it cannot come quick enough. My nan wanted to go to Romford for the day shopping and i couldnt say No (who would say No to shopping?). So shopping without money is always the time when you see things that you want, its always the way. I had a few things in mind which i wanted to pick up today and believe it or not i came home near enough empty handed.

The things that i were itching to get my hands on were the SLEEK Matte lipgloss in Jazz. I swatched it in superdrug an this seems amazing. I wear red lipstick near enough on a daily basis and this being a matte version looks like it will slip of my lips less.

I also wanted to pick up a few things from MUA such as the Nail Constellations in Scorpio. They look really interesting and look like they could be a good dupe for the Ciate Caviar Pearls so really cant wait to pick them up and trying them. For £3.00 i really think they are worth a try. I also cant wait to get the Undressed palette. I have the heaven and earth one and wear it every day they are really good value for money.

All of these items i mentioned were out of stock, so gutted about that but sure i will be able to pick them up in the next couple of days, so expect a blog post as im excited to get them.

£14.00- Primark

So the only things i managed to get which i see in primark was a Minnie Mouse onesie, Oh my gosh its the most amazing thing ever its Red with White spots and has Minnies face on the hood and a little tail, its the cutest thing i have ever seen. And I also got a take out coffee style cup from primark printed with.. Yep moustaches. Its amazing!! Im yet to try it out but i really cannot resist anything with moustaches on it.. im in love :)

£2.50- Primark

So thats all my shopping trip consisted of today, theres a few things that i see which i really want for fall so i may make a Fall wish list post next :) Thanks for reading!

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