Okay okay I'm a self confessed beauty addict, and its come to my realisation that people in the real everyday world really do not give a damm what products i use on my hair or the colour lipstick i want to purchase. So for the sake of my relationship with friends an family (and to stop them from killing me) Ive decided to start a blog, talking about Make up, Hair and general chit chat. Ive been watching youtube for years and reading blogs but its never crossed my mind to start one.. so here it goes :)

 Okay so I thought my first post i should introduce my self? My names Abi and here are a few facts about me.

*I'm from the magical land of ESSEX
*I'm a qualified Hairdresser
*I'm 20 years old (Nearly 21 Eeeek)
*I currently work in a supermarket
*I'm addicted to GLITTER (please tell me someone who isn't?)

Okay so i said they were facts.. I didn't say they were going to be interesting ha ha

Well take what you will out of this little introductory post :)

I also have twitter, Its a @abzeylouise if you fancy chatting/ following/ leaving me your blog link :) P.S Sorry for the layout and back ground of this blog haven't quite got to grips of the whole 'Making it look pretty and presentable' thing yet.

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