My Autumn shopping list!

Every year before each season i make a pact with myself that i am going to be prepared and buy clothing and footwear and other essentials gradually leading up to the season so i have everything that i need and that i know i can budget all the things that i need and want. Every year i let myself down and end up with no boots and coats in winter or jumpers or hats and scarves. the list goes on. So here i am, its verging on winter and i do not have a new wintery item to my name. I am useless i spend my money on items that are not suitable and i know will not go with anything i own. So now I'm grabbing the bull by the horns and I'm writting a shopping list of a few essentials (and a few wanted but non essential items, because hey i need to treat myself haha). 
Warehouse Rope Bowling Bag - £36.00
Im a bag junkie and this little beauty caught my eye in warehouse today. I generally stick to river island for bags just because i think they are good quality for the price and if i chose a standard style they tend to go through the seasons with me. I like black leather bags and this is so sleek and such a bargain for £36.00! The straps can be worn over the shoulder like a messenger bag or on the crook of your arm. Its also the perfect size not to small but big enough to fit essentials in without weighing a ton.

Im also in need of a nice chunky knit scarf, hat and gloves. I cant wait for the weather to get colder so i can wrap up. I haven't seen any that im overly keen on yet but at the moment i am leaning towards the cute bear hats. Im a sucker for anything cute!

Every year i struggle to find a coat that i am 100 percent happy with. I am plus size and coats for me normally make me feel twice my size and very restricted. I like to feel comfortable and relaxed so this year im opting for a parker, just something casual that i can chuck on in the car. This coat from Newlook is the closest i can find that i like. I just need to get to a shop to try it on.. fingers crossed :)
 Newlook Inspire Navy hooded fur trim parker - £29.99

I also need (Ok i want) a Rose Gold Micheal Kors watch, im not typically a watch wearer in fact i don't even own one because i always forget to wear them. But this watch i have a vision that it would look nice with knitted cardigans and finish my winter outfits off. Im not going to rush out and spend £229 on a watch that i will never wear so i may just get a rose gold watch from River Island which i see as for me it will do the job just as good without the hefty price tag. Who knows it may become a statement accessorise then i may in the future justify spend a considerable amount on a Micheal Kors one.. who knows.

Michael Kors rose gold plated bracelet chronograph - £229 (BEAUTIFUL)

Well thats just a few things that i need to get my hands on, the list is endless so i may continue my shopping list as i ad things on.. but i will continue to do them a few items as i time otherwise it will be way too long. And lets face it whos wants to listen to me ramble on for pages and pages :)

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