Abit late to the party??

Okay ive been watching youtube videos and reading blogs for around 4 years now and i hate to admit it.. but ive never tried Korres Lip butters! I know I know this makes me strange as everyone and their nan has had a video or blog post about them. Ive been meaning to order a pot for ages but for some reason never got round to it.
So when i see that someone tweeted about WIMH had a deal one a Korres gift set including a full size Wild rose lip butter and 3 duluxe samples including wild rose 24 hour moisturiser, milk protein cleanser and evening primrose eye cream i jumped at the chance to buy it. Also as an added bonus there was a £5 voucher and free shipping code so i got the whole set for a fiver!
Cant wait to try this out and write a blog post about it in the next couple of days! hope it lives up to expectations :)

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