Make-up Tag!

Ive been really enjoying reading peoples Make up tags lately, its really interesting to know why people love make up and what their holy grail items are so i thought i would give it a go.
So lets begin..

When did you begin loving make-up?I started experimenting when i was around 14, with just abit of face powder and abit of lip gloss. Sounds random but i went to Spain and and picked up a Rosy blush for a euro and at the time i didn't even know what it was or how to use it. I left it in my make up draw and when i started to wear liquid foundation i was playing around with my make up and popped it on my cheeks.. From then on the rest is history and Ive been a make up addict ever since because with my blonde hair and chubby cheeks i loved how it made my face Rosy. Still to this day i am an absolute blusher addict and i know i over do it sometimes but i really don't care haha. Really surprises me that i was the tom boy out of all my friends and now i am the most girlie on with bleach blonde hair and fake eyelashes would never have thought it when i was younger :)

How do you feel without make-up?I don't feel the best without make up to be honest but i wouldn't say i will never leave the house without it.. i just always hope i don't run in to anyone. Its more because of the condition of my skin that i always wear foundation if i leave the house. Its not because i care what people think, its because i just like wearing make up and feel more confident when i do.
It really aggravates me when people say you don't need to wear so much make up bla bla bla. I love doing my make up in the morning, its part of my routine and i feel 100 percent more confident when i am wearing it so why would i deprive my self?

What do you like about make-up?I love the fact that a face of make up can make you more confident. When your feeling down i love that i can put some false eye lashes and red lip and i feel like i could conquer the world.  For me it just gives me a boost that nothing else can give me, I love experimenting with different lotions and potions and i love bright colours and anything glittery. I just think that make up is the best thing ever invented!

Three holy grail items- So i have bad skin and a random one that i could not live without is Germolene, any breakouts that appear i dab this on the anaesthetic in it numbs the soreness and the antiseptic stops the blemish from getting infected such a good al lrounder and so underrated it also had healing properties so gets them healed so much quicker.
My MUA brow kit, Ive not had it long but thinking back i really do not know how i went without this for so long! And last but not least is my MAC blusher in pinch me, if you didn't tell from this post i LOVE rosy cheeks! and this is a really red toned blush but it gives you that look that you've been out in the cold and really warms your face up. I love this in the winter when your really pale with red cheeks.
So this is my take on the Make up Tag and i hoped you enjoyed reading it.Have you done this post? If so link it below i love reading them! Follow me on twitter @abzeylouise

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