My Current 'Budget' Skin care routine!

Hope your sitting comfy as this is kinda a long one :)

Okay so i didnt want to post a skin care routine until i felt like i had totally found all my holy grail products. With that the routine i am using at the moment i am really happy with and most of these products are cheap and ones that i have found at random, so thought i would post a my Skin care routine and then in future when i find new products i can link you back to this one as reference :) This is an over view of these products so if you would like a more indepth review then just leave a comment below!

Face routine
Firstly abit of back ground info on my 'skin type'. I have combination to oily skin and its very sensitive and acne prone. Ive found that skin care never 'cures' my acne but can keep it at bay and when it does flare up it keeps it as minimal as possible. Ive tried many skin care products and i am normally drawn to high end brands (the way i see it is that you could have the best make up, but if the base is not right it will never look good..That's my view anyway). I like the feel of luxury cleansers and moisturisers but these never work well on my skin and i end up giving them away which is such a waste! This is a really basic routine compared to other peoples, but it keeps my skin as clear as it can so im a happy bunny :)

Make up remover/cream cleanser-Liz Earl cleanse and polish-

The hype that surrounds this product is amazing so when I bought this I was expecting great things it does make your skin feel nice but did leave my skin a little red after a week of use with the muslin cloth. It's a really nice product but I use this more to get my eye make up off and the layer of face make up rather this solely as my face cleanser. You can find this product HERE.


So I use this morning and night and I'm in love. It's a daily face wash with exfoliating beads and just foams up, if leave my skin feeling really clean an oil free and since using this I find that my skin is so much clearer as I said I really wish I could use nice products but this is a cheap and cheerful holy grail for me.

Facemask-Dermoligica Sebum clearning masque

Okay so this is a clay based face mask an use this if my skin is feel clogged up or if I can feel an spot coming one. Leave my skin a little dry but really does clear my skin you can feel it tingling when u put it on which I like. I leave this on while in the shower as takes a while to wash off due to the clay consistency. You can find this product HERE.

Toner-Nivea daily essentials Refreshing Toner

This is a toner with alcohol so if your skin is sensitive to that then this will not be you, it is not as strong as some alcohol toners I have used such as the clique toner in number 3 which I used previously. I like this because it is sensitive but does get rid of all traces of excess make up while keeping my skin oil free.

Moisturiser-Garnier essentials Hydrating Day Cream

I love this moisturiser, my skin does not react well to thick creams and they usually leave my skin feeling oily after an hour. This makes my skin plump an moisturised without excess oil. I love that consistency of this is more gel like than creamy.

Savlon antiseptic wound wash

So if a blemish is sore or bleeding I will put this on a Cotton pad and sweep over affected area. I use this because I treat my blemishes like cuts I don't want them to get infected nor do I want them to scar so getting then healed is my mail priority.

Freederm Gel

I use this when a spot is coming to the surface of my skin when u can feel it but not see it yet. I like this product as I can tell I difference when I use it as it dries out the area stopping the spot before it is seen on my skin.

Germolene antiseptic Cream

As I said I treat my spots like cuts so when they are sore an inflamed. This product contains anaesthetic so I use this when they are really uncomfortable and it is also antiseptic so it stops the area getting infected an helps the healing process along stopping the area affected from scaring. Love this and have used it for years.

All of the above can be found at drug stores or chemists such as boots and superdrug with exceptions if the liz earle, dermologica products. which have been linked :)

P.S Im not an expert on skin care just sharing my skin care routine with you and whats worked for me, and just a head up you may want to try these products on your wrist for 24 hours before using them on your face :) nobody likes allergic reactions!

Thanks for reading.. What are your holy grail face products?

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