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Today i am going to be reviewing a set of make up brushes that i purchased online a few weeks ago. Ive been excited to write this post as they are an absolute bargain!

I purchased these brushes from an online wholesale website, Ive seen plenty of these websites about offering cheap make up accessories however most things are too good to be true as once you have added shipping to your products the price always goes through the roof. However i come across a youtube video reviewing a set of brushes and they looked ok from what i could see and intrigued to find that this website said free shipping. They offer a huge range of products and are so reasonably priced. 

The prices are in dollars however you can change them to pounds. I ended up paying around £9.00 odd inc shipping for this set of 12 brushes (impressive). Im always a sceptic and purchased these on my credit card just encase and i had a 60p charge because they had to change the currency. This obviously wont break the bank however i thought i would mention it as this could mount up if it was a bigger order. 

The shipping took just over a week which i didn't think was too bad considering. When they came i was expecting them to be very cheap but i ordered them just to see what the quality was like. Well i am very glad i made the purchase. Don't get me wrong their not the best quality make up brushes however for a tenner they are amazing. 

They arrived packaged in a pouch all individually wrapped. As soon as i received them i took them out and washed them. No dye run from these which i thought was good and they all dried in took a good shape. Before i washed them i could see a few hairs shedding however since i have washed them they have been fine. The range i decided to pic were a mixture of face and eye brushes. Im not the biggest fan of the colour wooden handle you can get different sets however i wanted this variety of brushes and i suppose nobody will really see them anyway haha. The set i have contain a flat top kabuki, round top kabuki, a small dense domed brush, flat foundation brush, domed blending brush, powder brush, angled shader brush, a flat shader brush, 2 finer tipped pencil brushes and a tiny kabuki. (and a slanted liner brush but i must have misplaced it oopps). 

Overall i am very impressed with the quality of these brushes in relation to the price. I would definitely recommend these sets to beginners or as an alternative set of brushes. I haven't noticed much shedding they are dense and nice and soft and Ive had no trouble applying my make up with them. I was a bit hesitant at first about the website being dodgy but they've arrived and i will definitely be buying more from the website. Would 100 percent reccomend if your needing a new set of brushes for £9.00 how wrong can you go :)

The website i purchased these from is

Whats your favourite bargain website??

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