Ive seen this tag flying around and thought i would participate! I live in Essex and can jump on the train straight to my favourite city. When i was younger i was up london every weekend visiting friends and exploring (how the hell i afforded it i will never know). However i find that i don't visit as often now as i should and take it for granted. So the last few weeks i have been making more of an effort to get my bum up there. Cant wait for a few trips running up to christmas :D

Tag Questions:

1. Favourite place for breakfast?
Brick lane Bagel shop. Amazing. I love it. The most random place ever however it just keeps me going back every time. 

2. Favourite Boots and Superdrug?

I suppose everyones typical answer would be oxford street? But i cant stand the it because its to busy and to much hustle and bustle. I like Westfield's in stratford more chilled out and still nice and big,

3. Favourite beauty hall?

Harrods, Harvey nicks, Selfridges and liberties all jump out if i had to pic out the 4 i would head for Selfridges as its still busy but just a better atmosphere can find Harrods a bit stuck up sometimes. 

4. Favourite area for everything?

Definitely Westfield's in Stratford again. You have the huge shopping mall all under cover and all your shops in one place. I find down Oxford Street you get so many multiples of shops your walking forever the shops are too busy to look around its just a no in my book. This is why i like Westfield's then if you fancy a bite to eat you can stay in Westfield's as they have a huge selection or you can head to Shoreditch or Brick lane which are my personal favourite places in London for something to eat and maybe a few drinks. 

5. Favourite park for walks?

St James's park is my favourite place to walk. Its amazing leading from buckingham palace when you are walking around you wouldn't think your in London its lovely. They have little places to eat, Children's play areas, lakes full of wild life and it really is picturesque. Beautiful and would 100 percent reccomend a walk if you have just visited Buckingham's palace. 

6. Tip for the tube?

HAND SANETISER. So many skanky people all huddled together in a tin can. Urgh makes me feel bait queazy haha. Also do your research as sometimes a place is actually easier to walk to than get the tube. So always have a look and don't assume the tube is quickest. 

7. What would your perfect day out in London include?

My perfect day in London is a day shopping around Westfield's  heading to Camden market because i love the atmosphere  Having some lunch then maybe a bit of sight seeing because as many times as i have seen Big Ben i just cant get enough i love it. Then heading to Brick lane as it is home to the BEST bagel shop EVER. Then stay around there for a few drinks i love the atmosphere of Shoreditch. 

8. Favourite gallery/museum?

Transport museum in covent garden. For some reason i find it quite enjoyable. 

9. Your London secret?

Not really a secret but i find my most enjoyable days in London are when you go with no plans and can really just explore the city. This is when i find you find the most amazing places. I never have the same experience every time i visit. 

10. Favourite bar/club?

My favourite bars are either in Camden or in Shoreditch. I find these areas more relaxed than in the City. I never really know the names as we just visit different each time. However if your in to House music you will love CARGO in Shoreditch. Chilled out place i love it. 

Well thats my London Tag. Its hard to fit in everything i want to share in a tag so i may another more in depth post of places to visit if your not from the area. As i find Im always getting up to random things when i visit. I live in Essex so i might actually write an Essex guide too :P

If you have any questions then leave me a comment. 

What is your favourite place in London to visit?

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Thanks for reading!

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