If your like me i LOVE the feeling of my nails being done. I'm lazy and i hate having horrible chipped nails. I always used to go down to my local salon pay to get my nails done and at first i loved it. It was nice walking out with freshly painted nails and i loved the fact i would not have to worry about them for 2 weeks. Then after a while it bored me. I hated the waiting around but i just couldn't return back to nail varnish how ever many times i tried to. Ive dabbled in acrylic and hated the way it left the state of my nails. So i always stick to gel, Gelux and shellac being my most familiar. I'm lucky i have naturally long nails so i didn't need extensions just something to make them look tidy.

I was wondering around Tesco one day and my local one has a fairly big beauty department when i came across Sensationail. I was really intrigued and it looked amazing however it had a £65.00 price tag and i wasn't sure. However after talking to the sales girl she convinced me and to this day i haven't looked back. ITS AMAZING.

Included in the kit and packaging. Full easy instructions included.
Sensationail is an at home gel polish system. It claims that the result is a High gloss, damage proof manicure with a mirror finish, with no chipping, lifting or cracking for up to 14 days and is easily removed in minutes. With salon finished results. Which i must add is accurate when you take your time and apply it properly. The starter kit contains PRO 3060 LED Lamp, Colour gel polish, Gel Primer, Buffer, Gel cleanser, Lint free wipes, Gel base and top coat and manicure stick. The price of this ranges from £60-£69.99 depending on where you purchase your kit. Then you can purchase the refill kit every time you are low. You can also buy the Removal kit and tools separately however i haven't tried this as i find i can get them off find using different products.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started. Then every time you fancy a change you can buy additional colours for around £10.00. Cheaper than going to the salon and you get to keep the colour. I find this is good when it nearing pay day and cant afford to by a new colour so i can just use a colour i already own. I find there colour range is amazing ranging from brights, shimmers and glitters. Something for everyone and I'm glad to see their colour range has grown since i first purchased my kit.

LEFT- Pink Chiffon RIGHT- Iron Mama
My first impressions of the kit and my first use i found it a bit fiddly and after a couple of days the nail varnish began to peel and i was so disappointed! However after giving it another go each time i found it easier and now i will never look back. Once you get your own routine you will find it a breeze and its so much less effort than sitting in a salon and waiting around. It takes me around half hour and now I'm so in to doing my nails i add designs and diamante's and all sorts. Something i would never have done before as i despised doing my nails. Also with this is you remove the Gel correctly there will be no damage to your nails underneath. However if you bite them off like i do sometime them expect there to be some self inflicted soreness (however it cant be that bad as i NEVER learn).

My next post is going to be my Sensationail routine and what additional products i use to get a good long lasting manicure.

You can order these kits and accessories online at Sensationail HERE. Alternatively you find them in bigger TESCO stores, ASDA's and BOOTS.

You can also follow Sensationail on twitter HERE as they often tweet about new deals and offers.

This is my little review which I've been meaning to do for a long time. Since writing this post but not actually finishing it I've actually been sent a few new products from Sensational so will be featuring them in a new post soon as i love them :)

Have you ever tried and at home Manicure system? If so what are your thoughts?

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