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Today i will be reviewing the MAYBELLINE Fit me anti-shine stick. I purchased this product from TESCO for £9.00 and i have the shade 120 Classic Ivory. This foundation is marketed as a gel foundation stick with an anti-shine core that contains lightweight powders. 



My thoughts

Now i must get it out there that i am so disappointed with this foundation. My skin type is normal/combination with acne scaring. I purchased this foundation in the hope of a quick skin brightener which i could apply on my minimal make up days. I was not to fussed about amazing coverage just a nice finish which kept me looking half decent through out the day. Well i got the complete opposite.

I find this foundation hard to apply and blend being very drying and clingy to any small dry patches. Which isnt much of a problem considering it is obviously targeted to oily skins due to the 'Anti shine' claim. Well i do not even have an oil face and this had slid down my face in around an hour with my whole face of making just moving around my face with it.. Eye make up included. Maybe i shouldn't have worn this to work for the first time i had used it. People including customers (CRINGE) kept telling me i had black smudged across my eyes and yes this was my eyeliner which normally stays nicely in place until i take my make up off at night. I never normally powder my face however on this occasion i decided to and that made no difference. I come home to work looking like a grease ball with no make up on and black eyes LOVELY!!!

Now since then i have tried and tested this foundation in many other ways and i can find no use for it. it just looks oily however i apply it and however i try to wear it. Im not impressed to say the least, what a waste of money. What annoys me is this product could be amazing because its a very good concept which made me want to try it in the first place.


Ive seen this foundation in most stores so they are pretty easy to find. However i do find the shade range is not very good, and some colours being non existent in smaller stores. So if your after this foundation i would recommend a larger boots/superdrug to see the full range of colours.

The price is around £9.00. However you can normally find this in offers like 3 for 2 if you shop around. I do however find that this runs out quite quickly i have only experimented with this foundation on a couple of occasions and have already found that i have used around half of the product. So not amazing for the £9 spent as i find other foundations last a lot longer and this takes a lot of product to fully cover your face. 

Would i re-purchase? 
Definitely not.

Sorry for this very negative review however this has been something that has really irritated me lately.

Do you like this foundation? If so let me know!

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