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 Hello lovelies,

Now the winter months are here i find my self 99 percent of the time reaching for a Red lip. Its my favourite colour to wear and 50 percent of my lipsticks are different shades and textures of reds. I was playing around the other night and thought i would share my two favourite shades which i find myself reaching for most often. Now i have pale skin and bleach blonde hair so find that these ones work the best however i will wear any shade of red Im not to fussy.

Left- Rimmel Apocalips- Big bang Right- Sleek-Cherry
The 2 that i have picked are affordable. The first being RIMMEL Apocalips in Big Bang and SLEEK Cherry.

I wont bang on to much about the Apocalips as i think everyone and their nan has seen, heard and tried these. However i must say im a fan of the true bright red colour and i love the glossy finish. They do tend to slide around my face so i don't tend to wear this out to meals or out drinking but for casual wear i love it with winged liner and a pale face. I find it a really statement lip and i love it.

Now Sleek cherry is your darker berry red with a typical matt finish. Its dark and powerful and something people would probably tell me to stay away from as to much of this (as seen in the picture of me wearing it full on) washes me out completely. However I love the shade and i tend to wear this blotted so it gives me berry stained lips which stay all night with out smearing across my face. Sometimes i brave it and wear it darker which then gives it that red/purple appearance. But most of the time i will wear this sheared out slightly to give my make up that dramatic edge it sometimes needs.

Both of these are my favourites for different reasons. I love wearing bright lips and they make me feel like i mean business.. Does anyone else feel like this? 

I love the finish of these and totally recomend that when your nearby check them out they can be found in Superdrug for around a fiver. Bargain! You cand put a price on confidence.

Are you a fan of Red lips? If not what if your favourite 'Bold' Lip?

Thanks for reading.

Abby x


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