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Hello lovelies

So this update was actually meant to be posted on Monday the 2nd of september however silly me thought it would be easier to film a quick youtube video.. which then turned in to a mission with taking literally days to upload then failing so Ive given up with that and i am just going to write these in future :) So for now this is an update of the last 2 weeks.

So a few positive changes i have made are as follows:

I joined the gym.
Now this was a big step for me as i suffer from anxiety so the thought of entering a new place on my own was a nightmare however i just thought to myself Im fed up of feeling the way i do and making positive changes like this was the only way this was going to change. Now i did not want to fork out on an expensive gym membership until i know i am 100 percent committed and at this stage a fancy gym is wasted on me as at the moment i am only doing minimal exercise. So i just googled council run gyms which most areas normally have and are quite cheap membership. Also if you find your weight is causing you medical problems you can always ask your GP and he may suggest a referral to a gym close to you :) I had my induction and have been given a routine of what i should be aiming to do with a mixture of cardio and weights which i am pleased with. The first few weeks i am taking it easy to try and get in to a routine and on days when Im not motivated as long as i get in there and on a treadmill etc for 10 minutes i will be happy i just do not want to let myself get away with not going at all. I have also been swimming once a week and have been walking around the block a few times a week when i get the chance.

I gave up fizzy drinks.
This is something i have wanted to do for ages. However life just normally gets in the way and i always end up quitting before i have even began. So my mission this time was to cut down however now its been 2 weeks without a drop of Pepsi or sprite and i am feeling so much better for it Im sure i will keep this going. The annoying thing is a love water so Im not sure why i have even been drinking coke as a replacement i just think it was down to a bad habit rather than me actually wanting the fizzy drink. When Ive fancied something other than water Ive been opting for small cartons of apple juice or orange juice. which i know these not particularly healthy as they have quite a lot of natural sugar however they are keeping me on the straight a narrow at the moment and not bloat me out or making me feel like crap so for now i am happy with this small change. Its crazy to think how much cutting out fizzy drinks can make a change to the way you feel its not until you completely stay away that you realise it.

Swapping white carbs for wholegrain.
So as i am trying to do this gradually rather than cutting all bad straight away rather than stopping my carb intake i have reduced it and swapped all my carbs to whole meal such as my bread, my rice and my pasta. Little did i know i would actually prefer the whole grain versions so i am very impressed. I have alternated between normal potatoes and sweet potatoes and butter nut squash which i have enjoyed doing. Ive also tried to keep my carbs to earlier in the day or when Im going to the gym and so far this has been working a treat.


Various other changes.
Other changes i have been making is with every meal i have been having a small portion of fruit or veg. For example for breakfast i have been having a handful of blueberries and maybe a cut up apple, for lunch i have been taking a a handful of grapes and maybe some cut up carrot and for dinner will either add a side salad to my dinner and maybe have a yogurt for afters with more fruit added. This has obviously upped my intake of fruit and veg to make sure Im eating my five a day.

To feel like Im not depriving myself i have still be eating out but just making better choices if the menu allows and  just not having dessert or being too greedy. And if i have had a little cheat Ive not felt guilty about as Im doing this for life not as a fad. Which makes me feel like this will be easier to stick to.

Ive brought biscuit tin and filled it with small healthy and naughty goodies. So i can have one of these snacks a day weather it be on the healthy side or a cheat its still a small treat which will help me learn to control myself and know how much i should be having. I will in the future so a blog post on what goodies i keep inside :) As we know life would be boring with out a little treat every now and again.

Overall the last 2 weeks have left me feeling so much better. As Im not weighing myself i can say if i have lost weigh however i feel i have more energy and i am feel so much happier and more positive and i feel less bloated which i am so happy with. When i am feeling like i have no will power i can look back at this post and see the positive changes i have made.

I will also be doing meal posts and various other posts soon. I am learning and like to be researching new ideas that i can try and share.

Have you been eating well lately or have any tricks and tips to a clean lifestyle?

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Thanks for reading.

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